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Brent Richardson, Co-Founder & CEO Onboard Games

Innovation is Mr. Richardson’s passion. He is a fund manager with a 25-year track record of successfully establishing, building, and operating advisory firms and investment platforms. He believes NFTs and gamification will interoperate with every aspect of life and aims to educate customers and business on how they can benefit.

Jason Ickes, Co-Founder & Investor.
Jason is a 14-year Veteran of the US Army, a proud Green Beret and father of four. He specialized in information and technology systems while serving and completed his BS in Cyber Security while working in Fire Protection and Security.

Jason is a bitcoin mining pioneer, a financial clairvoyant, a loyalist to blockchain, and believer in a more equitable future for people, businesses, and governments.

NFTdrafter, Game Designer & Investor

NFTdrafter is a life-long gamer and a bowler with room to improve. He believes blockchain games will change the world. He designed the innovative new depth-chart-based fantasy football game NFTdraft.

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