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  • The numbers in the top left represent how much that card costs to play
  • The team name syncs the player from a professional team.
  • The player name associated with that position will superimpose over your card on the day of the tournament
  • The roster position reveal which player is synced.
  • Rosters will lock with cards the morning of the tournament.
  • All rarity cards will have their scoring bonus written beneath their team and roster depth chart detail.


  • All rare cards MVPs, GOATs, and Standouts will be found in packs.
  • We included the kicker and a new card: Defense+Kicker.
  • It gives us hundreds of additional NFTs to collect.
  • It gives us unknown amounts of potential team creations. Win/win.
  • reserves the right to mint additional rare cards for giveaways only.


There are 14 positions found in the game for each team

  • QB: #1, #2
  • RB: #1, #2, #3
  • WR: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
  • TE: #1, #2
  • Defense
  • Defense+Kicker


The cards are available in five rarities, divided as follows for each of the 512 cards.

Each card rarity beyond common receives a scoring bonus, making owning them advantageous.

  • 20,000 Common
  • 1,000 Standouts – 1% scoring bonus
  • 100 Team Captains – 2% scoring bonus
  • 10 MVPs – 3% scoring bonus, one point less to play
  • 1 GOAT – 5% scoring bonus, two points less to play


Combining (or blending) 10 identical common cards will mint a new card that is one rarity higher (Standout). From there, you’ll need 6 identical Standout cards to mint 1 Team Captain card, 6 identical Team Captain cards to mint 1 MVP card, and 6 MVP cards to mint a GOAT card. That’s going to add proportionate value, along with an increase in scoring bonus. For all of the reasons above, we believe our cards are going to be valuable and hold value also.

So if you blend 10 common Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive 1 Standout Kansas City QB #1 card.

If you blend 6 Standout Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive 1 Team Captain Kansas City QB #1 card.

If you blend 6 Team Captain Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive 1 MVP Kansas City QB #1 card.

And finally, if you blend 6 MVP Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive the holy grail: 1 GOAT Kansas City QB #1 card.

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