The Advantage in the Details.

Fantasy football is a 16 billion dollar a year industry because it is awesome. It’s strategic, adds excitement to watching live games, and provides a day to look forward to every week that always delivers a great time. aims to be great to our community. We are committed to returning half of card sale revenue back to the community in the form of tournament rewards, prize NFT’s, and league and collection rewards. We will return small portions of this revenue in miscellaneous events, but mainly the returned revenue will be divided into 18 purses. This number (18) represents each week of the regular football season. So as packs are sold, some proceeds from this will be split into 18 purses. For example, money will go into Purses #1-18. When we reach week number 3, purse #3 will be added to week 3’s main tournament’s payouts.

Any money collected after a week has already passed will be added to next year’s weekly purse. For example, it’s week #4 of the season. As we know, some of the proceeds from all pack sales will be added to the 18 purses. But because we are past weeks 1-3 of the regular season, the money added to purses #1-3 will be for the next year. This means by the next season that the payouts are going to be huge. will host at least four tournaments each week. Here’s how we’re envisioning payouts:

  • Tournament #1 is a normal payout and will receive 8 shares of its week’s pot.
  • Tournament #2 is a “share the wealth” payout and will receive 4 shares of its week’s pot.
  • Tournament #3 will be called Beat the GOAT. It will receive 2 shares and be a normal payout. One staff will enter a team of GOATs each week. Anyone who beats the GOAT, even free entries, are eligible for promo packs. If the GOAT wins any money that money will be matched, up to $1,000 and added to the following week’s tournament.
  • Tournament #4 is a normal payout, and will receive 1 share.

We plan to give away free packs every week to our users, so that hundreds of players who fail to place in tournaments will have better teams the following week.

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***All rules are subject to change.

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