Receive an exclusive minted Captain Package NFT

Limited run of 350 – 50/50 Max Mint every 2 weeks

For holders of each Captain Package NFT:

  • You will be airdropped 300 NFTdraft Season 2 cards
  • 2 Captain Packs
    • 150 NFTs per pack
    • Guaranteed 2 Team Captains
    • 50% chance of a Gold Foil in each pack
    • Chance remaining cards can be of any rarity
  • Guaranteed at least 15 rosters eligible for free-to-enter tournaments
  • Exclusive access to a weekly tournament for Eth minters. Hold this NFT and enter free all year long, using any of your teams. 5% of the mint sale revenue will fund it. So the prize pool grows each week there is a sale.

$25 price increase every 2 weeks