How Scoring in Football Works + Kicker Deep Dive

Time to move onto the LEAST predictable position in Fantasy Football – The Kicker. Since you are REQUIRED to play at least one Kicker, Defense or Defense + Kicker in your line-up, it is absolutely imperative that we go over how to tackle this position – but first you need to understand a bit more about how football is played.

A Football Field – Basics in Moving the Ball

The football field is 100 yards long. Each team’s job is to move all 100 yards down the field and score on the other team’s endzone. With me so far?

In order to move forward, you have FOUR tries (called downs) to make it 10 yards down the field. If you make it past those 10 yards in your FOUR “Downs”, you get ANOTHER FOUR tries to make it the NEXT 10 yards. Over and over again until you get into the other team’s end zone.

BUT, if you can’t make it 10 yards, or the other team steals the ball from you, the other team gets the ball and THEY will get four tries to get 10 yards in the OPPOSITE direction. Damn!

Touchdowns and Extra Points

So… let’s say your team made it allll the way down the field and into the endzone (Touchdown!) Whether they ran it in or caught the ball in the endzone, their team gets 6 points. The kicker then comes in for what is called the “extra point” and they will try to kick the ball into the giant yellow “Y” at the end of the field – The “Goal Post”. If they do, the team now has 7 points and your kicker has 1 point for your fantasy team.

TL;DR – 90% of the time, if the team scores a touchdown, the kicker for the team will kick an extra point that will earn your fantasy team a point as well.

Field Goals

Now let’s say your team is close to scoring a touchdown, but you are on your FOURTH try (4th Down). You COULD try to score a TD and risk not making it into the end zone / giving the ball back to the other team. OR you can bring out your kicker to try to kick the ball into the yellow “Y” for a “Field Goal” instead.

In the football game, a FIELD GOAL is worth 3 points rather than 7 for a touchdown. But for your fantasy team, a field goal could give you 3, 4, or 5 points – depending how far the kick was from!


Extra Point +1 Pt
0 – 39 Yard FG +3 Pts
40-49 Yard FG +4 Pts
50+ Yard FG +5 Pts
Missed FG/Extra Point -1 Pt

As you can see here – the further out the kick, the more points for your fantasy team. So, let’s say your kicker made 3 Extra Points (3 points), a 35-yard FG (3 points) and a 51-yard FG (5 points), your kicker scored your team 11 points… not bad!

You will also notice that they will LOSE 1 point if they ever miss a kick, so keep that in mind as well.

“Going for Two”

If you are already confused, please ignore this – but I had to at least say it. Sometimes when a team has scored a TD (6 points), they will try to “go for 2 points” rather than kick the 1 “extra point”.  That means – rather than bring out the kicker, they will try to run or pass the ball into the end zone AGAIN.  If they do, their touchdown was worth 8 points rather than the traditional 7. Very annoying if you owned their kicker.

That’s it! Just watch a game and then read this again – it will be much clearer, I promise.

TL;DR The Kicker really is an unpredictable position that can get you anywhere from 0-15 fantasy points. After going over the DEFENSE position in the next article, I will do a deep dive to let you know how to pick playing a Kicker, Defense, or Defense + Kicker each week.

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