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The Creative Genius in Card Stacking.

  • The numbers in the top left represent how much that card costs to play.
  • The team name syncs the player from a professional team.
  • The player name associated with that position will superimpose over your card on the day of the tournament.
  • The roster position reveal which player is synced.
  • Rosters will lock with cards the morning of the tournament.
  • All rarity cards will have their scoring bonus written beneath their team and roster depth chart detail.


  • All rare cards MVPs, GOATs, and Standouts will be found in packs. reserves the right to mint additional rare cards for giveaways only.
  • We included the kicker and a new card: defense+kicker. They may not receive uniform adoration, but two extra positions per teams adds much to
  • It gives us hundreds of additional NFTs to collect.
  • It gives us unknown amounts of potential team creations. Win/win.

There are 16 positions found in the game.

  • QB, #1, #2
  • RB, #1, #2, #3
  • WR, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
  • TE, #1, #2, #3
  • Defense
  • Kicker
  • Defense+Kicker.

There are five card rarities, divided as follows for each of the 512 cards.

  • 20,000 Common
  • 1,000 Standouts
  • 100 Team Captains
  • 10 MVPs
  • 1 GOAT

Let’s take Buffalo QB#1 as an example. For the 2021 season, there will be a total of 21,111 cards in the game for this position. There are broken down as follows:

  • 20,000 Common cards of Buffalo QB# 1
  • 1,000 Standout cards of Buffalo QB #1
  • 100 Team Captain cards of Buffalo QB #1
  • 10 MVP cards of Buffalo QB #1
  • 1 GOAT card of Buffalo QB #1

Each card rarity beyond common receives a scoring bonus, making owning them advantageous.

  • Standout cards earns a 1% scoring bonus
  • Team Captain cards earn a 2% scoring bonus
  • MVP cards earn a 3% scoring bonus, and cost one point less to play
  • GOAT cards earn a 5% scoring bonus, and cost two points less to play

There are four options for pack purchasing. (Next pack sale will be August 12)

  • $5 Promo pack
  • $20 NFTdraft pack (will cost $25 when the season begins)
  • $175 Captain pack (will cost $225 when the season begins)
  • $425 League deck (will cost $450 when the season begins). League decks come with 512 cards. They have zero percent (0%) chance of producing a rare cards. What makes the League decks attractive is that it comes with one card for every position in the game.


1. Parity.

Players must possess a card to play that position. We allow two quarterbacks to be played. We added a new top-tier position called Defense + Kicker. We offer four rarity card bonuses. Because of this, teams and final scores will vary. This means that we won’t have hundreds of people tying for dozens of places in our tournaments.

Parity allows users to better track their skills versus the field. Needing the card will also spread the wealth because the best match-ups will change week after week.

2. Value.

NFT’s have value for many reasons, one of the biggest is when an NFT has a utility. An NFT with utility means an NFT can interact with an application. The value spikes if that utility helps its owner earn money. Our cards have utility in that they can earn their owners potentially large amounts of money.

We will release a new deck each year. To encourage users to buy new packs, the cards from every new season will receive a one percent bonus over the previous year.

Let’s consider an example: a 2021 Seattle WR #3 card costs five points to play and isn’t expected to produce much this year. Let’s say that turns out to be accurate and the card is more or less a dud for this season. Fast forward three years and this card now suffers negative 3% scoring when compared to the 2024 Seattle WR #3. But in 2024 perhaps Seattle has three all-star wide receivers.

The 2024 Seattle WR #3 card might cost 15 points to play. Owners of the 2021 Seattle WR #3 card suffer a negative 3% hit to scoring, BUT the card costs 10 points less to play, making it a tremendously interesting card that has a lot of value.

Continuing with our example, let’s consider what it will look like to play the 2021 Seattle WR #3 GOAT card in season 2024. The card is receiving a two percent (2%) scoring bonus (the GOAT’s five percent (5%) minus the three percent (3%) penalty for being old), but it costs a whopping 12 points less to play making it an awesome card.

With only 130 points to spend on your lineup each week, what will a card that costs 65% less than the field and receives a two percent (2%) bonus be worth? There’s a real possibility that by year three we will be handing out first place prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. What will someone pay for a card that dramatically improves their chances of winning money?

3. Whale control.

Professional daily fantasy football players enter 450 teams in four to six tournaments each week. Other websites attempt to limit the ability for whales to “cheat” by limiting entries. It doesn’t work though. Our cards have weekly play limits. In our free to enter tournaments, (if a player chooses to not pay a sponsorship fee), they will only be able to use each of their cards once. However, if they choose to pay a modest sponsorship fee, then their common cards may be played 50 times per week. A Standout card would be able to be used 40 times, Team Captain, MVP, and GOAT cards will be able to be used 30 times per week. This will make it difficult for a whale to enter 450 teams in 4-6 tournaments each week using our NFTs.

4. Secondary Market and Blending.

The scenario from point two shows how a card can potentially rocket to the moon in value. There will be hundreds of rockets launching each year. Trades, injuries, and performance spikes and dips will cause cards to shift in value.

If you choose to sell a card, our software will show you the card’s lowest listed price. You can then decide whether to try and sell it for more or less, and then click sell. It’s that easy. Whether you’re selling a card for $.05 or $500, it’s money in your pocket.

Combining (or blending) 10 identical common cards will mint a new card that is one rarity higher (Standout). From there, you’ll need 6 identical Standout cards to mint 1 Team Captain card, 6 identical Team Captain cards to mint 1 MVP card, and 6 MVP cards to mint a GOAT card. That’s going to add proportionate value, along with an increase in scoring bonus. For all of the reasons above, we believe our cards are going to be valuable and hold value also.

So if you blend 10 common Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive 1 Standout Kansas City QB #1 card.

If you blend 6 Standout Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive 1 Team Captain Kansas City QB #1 card.

If you blend 6 Team Captain Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive 1 MVP Kansas City QB #1 card.

And finally, if you blend 6 MVP Kansas City QB #1 cards, you’ll receive the holy grail: 1 GOAT Kansas City QB #1 card.

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***All rules are subject to change.

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