NFTdraft: How Important Is Rarity?

Hello Fantasy Football experts! It’s time to once again curl up in front of the fire, pour yourself a glass of scotch, and read the sweet, sweet ramblings of 2ManyTDs. This is a good one, because now that you know about the basics of Fantasy Football, we get to dip our toes into the warm waters of NFTdraft goodness. Let’s talk rarity.

As you may or may not know, there are 512 different cards – each corresponding with a team and a position (example: Tampa Bay WR #2, Dallas QB #1, etc). But for each of those cards, there are 5 different versions (or rarities) of them. Here is the breakdown of each card:

For Each Card/Position – there are:

  • 20,000 Commons
  • 1,000 Standouts
  • 100 Team Captains
  • 10 MVPs
  • 1 GOAT

That means there are 21,111 of each card. So the chances you can find a Tom Brady card (Tampa Bay QB #1) is pretty high. Hell, with 20k commons running around, you may have multiples of it. But there is only ONE GOAT Tampa Bay QB #1. That means there are only 512 GOAT cards TOTAL in the game – and not only are the rarer cards worth a lot on the market, they also help your lineup each and every week.  Here are the scoring bonuses for each rarity:

  • Common cards earn nothing – you just get to play them
  • Standout cards earn a 1% scoring bonus
  • Team Captain cards earn a 2% scoring bonus
  • MVP cards earn a 3% scoring bonus, and cost one point less to play
  • GOAT cards earn a 5% scoring bonus, and cost two points less to play

So that is all well and dandy… but I hear you asking “Oh, magical fantasy math wizard, should I always play my Standouts? Even over a better Common card?” And I respond “Where is that voice coming from?!? Get out of my head! But yes, I am about to go over that.”

Standouts and Team Captains:

YES! You opened a pack and got a Team Captain! Beware all you other players, my… TE #3 Team Captain (?) is going to bring me all the gold shillings! Well… simmer down.

Look, I know that’s an exaggeration, but let’s look at the math and you can see it’s not far off. Say a player gets 25 Fantasy Points (ftpts). That’s great for ANY position. You are happy with your QB, RB, WR, TE, whoever, AND you have them as a Team Captain with a scoring bonus! That means they ACTUALLY get 25.5 points. BWOMP BWOMP. That is the equivalent of a QB throwing an extra 12.5 yards.  Yawn.

TL;DR – play the best card you can, regardless of whether it is common, standout, or team captain. The only time these bonuses will really come into play would be if you and someone else have the same lineup in a tournament. Think of it as a tiebreaker, but not the central focus of your lineup.


I LOVE THIS MECHANIC. I know I constantly talk about how intelligent, smart, and attractive the team behind this project is (how’s that raise coming NFTdrafter?) but I honestly think this is the best part. Not only do you get an increase in Bonus Points (3% and 5% respectively) but it actually costs LESS to play that card. So not only do they get more points, they allow you to upgrade another position by a point or 2 – and that is a MAJOR difference maker.

Say, a GOAT gets you 25 points. They actually get you 26.25 points AND allow you to upgrade your 18 POINT COST Detroit RB #1 (the 16th ranked RB in Week 1) to 20 POINT COST Carolina RB #1 (the #1 ranked RB). That is massive.

So there you have it. GOATS are the GOAT. MVPs make a solid difference as well. But don’t base your lineup based around what Team Captain or Standouts you have. Just get that extra bonus if you are lucky enough to want to play that card, regardless of rarity.

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