Tight End Deep Dive

This will be a much shorter article. Some may disagree, but I will generally be ignoring the Tight End (TE) position in NFTdraft this year – though it’s still important that you understand who these guys are, and why you might play them.

Tight Ends are basically WRs who spend a portion of their time blocking rather than running routes and caching passes. They score points by catching the ball (1 point each time they catch a ball), the yards they get from receiving the ball (1 point for every 10 yards) and scoring touchdowns (6 points for every touchdown). But again, most of these players only line up to catch the ball half of the time.

To give you an idea of why I will be ignoring this position unless looking for a contrarian play, looking at the top 85 SCORING PLAYERS last season, only TWO TEs made the list. That’s right. It’s really tough to count on most of these guys week in and week out, and even those two players who were consistent – cost 20 and 19 points on NFTdraft respectively.

Here are my TE Tiers:

  • Tier 1: KC TE1 (Travis Kelce)
    • That’s it. That’s the list. He costs you 20 points, but he is one of the most elite players in the league – regardless of position. Play him as often as you want – he is never a bad play.
  • Tier 2: LV (19), SF (19), ATL (17), DET (15), BAL (15)
    • These guys are pretty solid options and are basically Wide Receivers – but you have to pay up for them. I will probably play the 15 POINT guys sometimes.
  • Tier 3: ALL other TE1 and a few TE2
    • These are value plays. I would not pay up for the majority of the rest of the TE1s, but if you want to throw one in at a lower cost, that could absolutely help you win a week. Some TE2 that could be values – NE, PHI, IND, ATL, TB.

I cannot see myself ever expecting points from a TE3. In my opinion, this is the most useless card in the deck – but hey, if you want to throw a 3 POINT flyer, I won’t stop ya.

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