Welcome To Fantasy Football… NFT Style

Understanding Scoring


The time has come NFT collectors! We did it. We snagged our NFTdraft Packs and opened them up like presents on Christmas morning… or maybe the day after Christmas since Santa had some minting issues.

But… now what? How the hell do we play? Sure, you understand rarity. And yeah, the rarer the card, the more points it scores! But.. how do you translate what a bunch of 300-pound men on TV do into how many points your card gets? Have no fear, for I am here to share all things Fantasy Football!

This article is going to go over the basics of scoring. If you aren’t new to the NFL or Fantasy Football, you can probably skip it… Or you can stay for my award-winning humor and boyish good looks. Either way, later articles will include a bit more strategy and how to apply NFTdraft to the teams, depth charts, etc.

First, let’s talk about positions. There are 16 positions:

  • QB, #1, #2
    • Quarterback – He is the guy who generally passes the ball.  A lot of the time, these are the highest scoring players on your team. Especially if you snag a rushing QBs who ALSO score a bunch of extra points with their legs. Be on the lookout for those!
  • RB, #1, #2, #3
    • Running backs – As their name suggest, these guys generally run the ball.  Typically these guys are the 2nd highest scoring players, but some of them are even more valuable because they ALSO catch a lot of passes. That increases their value even more.
  • WR, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
    • Wide Receivers – These guys catch the ball from the QB. Since NFTDraft is a PPR league (point per reception) they can rack up a ton of points as well.
  • TE, #1, #2, #3
    • Tight End – These guys spend half their time blocking, and half their time acting like a wide receiver. There are VERY FEW reliable tight ends in the league. So if you want to pay up for a premium tight end, it could mean victory.
  • Defense
    • Defense – The entire defense of the team. EVERY PLAYER. This is a very hard position to predict and probably has the most variance week to week. Make sure you know who your defense is playing each week before running them out! And remember, if your defense shits the bed, you could actually LOSE points from this position. More on that later.
  • Kicker
    • Kicker – The guy who kicks. ‘Nuff said.
  • Defense + Kicker.
    • Defense AND Kicker – An NFTdraft original! This position combines the last two positions for a new super position.

So now that you know who those burley men on the field are, let’s talk scoring. Here is a breakdown of scoring:

Passing TD +4 Pts
25 Passing Yards +1 Pt


300+ Yard Passing Game +3 Pts
Interception -1 Pt
Rushing TD +6 Pts
10 Rushing Yards +1 Pt

(+0.1 Pts/Yard)

100+ Yard Rushing Game +3 Pts
Receiving TD +6 Pts
10 Receiving Yards +1 Pt

(+0.1 Pts/Yard)

100+ Receiving Yard Game +3 Pts
Reception +1 Pt
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD +6 Pts
Fumble Lost -1 Pt
2 Pt Conversion (Pass, Run, or Catch) +2 Pts
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD +6 Pts
Sack +1 Pt
Interception +2 Pts
Fumble Recovery +2 Pts
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return for TD +6 Pts
Interception Return TD +6 Pts
Fumble Recovery TD +6 Pts
Blocked Punt or FG Return TD +6 Pts
Safety +2 Pts
Blocked Kick +2 Pts
2 Pt Conversion/Extra Point Return +2 Pts
0 Points Allowed +10 Pts
1 – 6 Points Allowed +7 Pts
7 – 13 Points Allowed +4 Pts
14 – 20 Points Allowed +1 Pt
21 – 27 Points Allowed +0 Pts
28 – 34 Points Allowed -1 Pt
35+ Points Allowed -4 Pts

Let’s look at some examples.  Say you have a quarterback who throws 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. The 200 yards gives you 8 points (200/25) and EACH PASSING TD gives you another 4 points. He has scored 16 points! This is a pretty average score for a QB.

Your running back though, he ran for 80 yards and a touchdown. That’s 8 points for the yards (80/10) and 6 points for a RUSHING TD. Note: Rushing and receiving TDs earn more points than passing. So he earns you 14 points. Pretty good, but not a breakout performance.

Your wide receiver or tight end catches 6 passes for 60 yards.  That’s 6 points from receptions (one per reception) and another 6 for yards (60/10). He earned you 12 points. Ehh, that’s fine for a wide receiver but great for a tight end.

Defense is the toughest and changes the most throughout the game. Just know that you start the game with 10 points (because your team has allowed 0 points) and that number goes down the more the other team scores. BUT if your defense steals the ball from the other team with an interception or fumble, you gain 2 points and when they sack the other QB, you get a point. Plus, if they get a touchdown, you get another 6!  So say you allowed 14 points (1 point), had 3 sacks (3 points) and 1 interception (2 points), your defense got you 7 points.

Use the same scores above for Defense + Kicker and that position got you 13 points.

Now, these are simply middle of the road examples. Just imagine if your QB ALSO ran for 40 yards and a TD. That gives him another 10 POINTS. Taking his 16 to 26 points. Solid. Or if your running back caught 5 passes for 40 yards, that’s an extra 9 points on top of his 14.

I know, I know. That’s more math than you have done since grade school. And we haven’t even gotten into Rarity Bonuses or the Point Caps for your team. But go play with it and make up some examples using the chart. I promise once the season starts, you will catch on real quick. And I am also here to answer questions in the meantime. Unless there are a lot of them – in that case I’ll be hiding under a rock.

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