Opern Tournament Strategy

This article will go over some of the strategies for our open tournaments. NFTdraft.io will offer at least one free tournaments every week.

Every hosted tournament, whether by NFTdraft.io or another sponsor, will be free to enter. We envision that most people will join tournaments this way because of the value.

Let’s explore the value of a player joining a week one tournament. Loving the concept behind NFTdraft.io, and wanting to win from day one, our example user buys two Captain packs, giving them 500 cards (250 cards in each pack).

With NFTdraft.io’s team requirements it’s safe to assume 500 cards will net between 35-40 teams, but let’s call it 30 quality teams.

Before we dive more into discussing team creations for free tournament strategies, let consider what we believe will be the biggest draw: value. The above user spent $450 to buy those two Captain packs. That’s a lot of money for most people. But this user is someone who wants to be serious and understands the value presented. This article delves into the free tournament strategy of a user who spent $450, but it is important to note the value in the purchase itself. Our NFTs have value. The more users who join, the more value is added as the cards will increase in value. Two Captain packs not only provide many different potential line-ups, but will also have healthy odds for many valuable cards.

Remember: these tournaments are free to enter. The only cost to the user in the following examples is the cost of their cards, which they paid $450 for. 

If we imagine that this user spent $450 on cards, giving them 30 quality teams, and said user enters them all in week one, said user has essentially paid $15 per entry ($450 spent / 30 entries = $15).

If the user enters 30 teams in the following week, they have essentially paid $7.50 per entry ($450 spent / 60 entries = $7.50). By week 10, if the user has continued to enter 30 teams each week in any of NFTdraft.io’s free tournaments, the average cost of entering a tournament has dropped to $1.50. (The user has still spent $450 but has now entered teams 300 times ($450 spent / 300 entries = $1.50)

Over the course of the 18-week NFL season, assuming that our user has continued to submit 30 teams per week, our user has now submitted 540 teams (18 weeks x 30 teams per week = 540 entries). From a value perspective, it cost our user .83 cents per entry to submit these 540 teams ($450 spent / 540 entries = .83). Remember, the entries are free, the only cost in these examples are from the cost of the Captain packs.

Over the course of the season, this user has entered 540 solid teams. With that many entries, and assuming that they have done a little bit of research each week, chances are that they might have placed in some of these tournaments and won some money.

Here is a note on tournament prize pool mechanics that we think is pretty cool. NFTdraft.io is committed to returning 50% of card sale revenue to the community. This number will be divided by 18 and allocated to all weeks of football during the regular season. Practically, this means that every week that produces card pack sales will produce a larger prize pool for the following week.

Free Tournament Team Creation Strategy.

Team creation will be vital in free tournament strategy. Those who sponsor can use their best cards and positions up to 50 times per week. With free tournament entries, each card can only be played one time each week. For our user above, with 30 quality teams to create, they must choose whether to utilize the Tier Down or Best Odds strategy.

Tier Down Strategy

Our user above has 300 quality cards to choose from. With a Tier Down strategy, they will look to make their best team from all 300 cards.

The best team starts with evaluating the field and narrowing down the best matchups, value, and players. Simultaneously you’re evaluating all of your rare cards. This users’ best team may or may not have rare cards, but when possible, rares should be played. It is important to remember that performance on the field is more valuable than the rarity of a card. Rares are there to separate you from the guy who picked the same teams as you, but wasn’t able to obtain a Standout card. The argument of performance over rarity does get a bit murky when we’re discussing a GOAT card as they cost considerably less to play.

With Tier Down strategy, a user creates the best team possible from the cards they own. It will take time, energy, and commitment to making that team the best, which in turn, increases the odds of taking first place. Once they have their best team they give the exact same level of attention and serious deduction to creating their second-best team, their third-best and so on.

Best Odds Strategy

Best Odds Strategy runs on the principle that great players have similar odds of scoring a bunch of points so it’s best to have as many high-quality teams as possible versus having the ultimate team.

Using a Best Odds strategy, our user from above might divide their 300 cards into three groups: best, average, and filler and then distribute their cards in an equitable manner to create as many high-quality teams as possible.

Both of these strategies will win tournaments, but you’ll want to choose one and then do your research. Our Discord server will be the best place to learn game mechanics, NFT applications, and fantasy football strategy. We have many rooms, full of many different topics. Come find answers to any questions and stay for our daily giveaways, great community, and resources. Join our Discord server here.

Now that you’ve made a choice and created a winning formula, you must decide which tournaments to enter. As with most things NFTdraft.io related, there’s more strategy to cover.

First you have to decide if you want to put all 30 entries in one tournament or if you’d like to spread those entries out. Once done, consider the pros and cons for entering each tournament as a free tournament user.

Let consider the highest prize pool and lowest prize pool tournaments hosted by NFTdraft.io for this example so we cover the extremes.

High prize pool week one could be $15,000. 300 individual sponsor entries. 28,000 free entries.

Lowest prize pool week one could be $2,100. 600 sponsor entries, 1000 free entries.

The big prize money of $15,000 is very enticing. First place is probably $2-3,000 dollars. But you have to beat 28,299 other users to win.

The lowest prize pool has less people at 1,600 and a lower prize pool at $2,100 but there is logic to suggest competition will not be as fierce here. This is where Tier Down strategy users dump the bottom 10% of their free teams. Odds and opponent strength will make the lowest prize pool the right play for many.

Free tournament play is going to set NFTdraft.io apart. It’s the line you should start with when you tell your friend about this game. While it requires a different strategy than sponsorship, free tournament entrants will be able to win as easily as anyone else on any given Sunday, and that is something that makes this game amazing!

Welcome to the future of fantasy sports!

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*** All rules are subject to change.