NFTdraft: Getting Started

by: 2ManyTDs

Well, well, well.  Who do we have here?  Look at this intelligent, attractive, and trend-setting individual. The fact that you are here reading this article means that you are ready for the most amazing season of fantasy football in the history of… well… fantasy football. Bravo. Let’s win some money!

Whether you are a Fantasy Football fan dipping their toes in the world of NFTs for the first time, are a collector who hasn’t used WAX before, or are simply just new to NFTdraft, this article is for you. Here is your step-by-step instructions for setting up your account, purchasing some packs, and (hopefully) pulling that GOAT card!

Step 1: Set Up Your WAX Account

What: WAX is the block-chain that NFTdraft uses. You will use WAX to buy and sell cards.

How: Head to and set up a FREE WAX account.

Once set up, you will see a set of numbers and letters on the top right ending in “.wam”.  THIS IS YOUR ACCOUNT NAME MOVING FORWARD. Use this to show off your collection, make trades, see your inventory, and set up all the following platforms.

Step 2: Set Up Your AtomicHub Account

What: AtomicHub is the marketplace where we buy and sell cards and packs.

How: Head to to set up a FREE account and log in on the top right using your .wam. Once logged in, you can click the arrow next to your .wam and select inventory. If you have any cards or packs, this is where you will see them.

Step 3: Purchase Packs

What: You can buy Promo Packs (5 Cards), Draft Packs (25 Cards), Captain Packs (250 Cards), and League Packs (512 Cards).

How: There are three ways to buy packs using your .wam.

Step 4: Open Your Packs!

What: Now that you have purchased your packs, you can open them on the NFTdraft Portal.

How: Head to and set up your FREE account with your .wam. You will see your packs in the packs tab – click to open!  The cards will transfer to the “cards” tab as well as populate into your AtomicHub account automatically!

And now you are in!  To organize your cards, understand game mechanics, and get up to speed on strategy, I suggest the following resources:

  • NFTdraft Training Camp:
  • See Your Collection:
  • NFTdraft YouTube:
  • Twitter:
    • Follow @nftdraft @mattydaddyff @thenftmanager @2ManyTD for updates, giveaways, and fantasy advice.

Any issues, or CPU errors – join our Discord ( and ask!

*** All rules are subject to change.

@2ManyTD is a Fantasy Writer and had to learn this exact same process. You got this fam.