The Daily Grind. Isn’t It Marvelous.

I love daily fantasy football, dff. I get emotional rewards during and after I make my team. It’s thrilling to see my team high in the rankings and dream of taking first place. Few things bring as much instant pleasure as calculating the plays I need and from which players to get me in the running for big money. It’s equally rewarding when that happens. For those reasons, and many more, I will always play daily fantasy football.

But the antiquated model of daily fantasy football has flaws. Whales enter thousands of tournaments a week and because options are identical, they cover the most logical picks and dominate year after year. This bothers people, but to me that is life. Whales are going to breach and spout. They create the goals we aspire to reach and are the lifeblood of any project. I welcome each one with open arms. However, is designed to lessen the impact of their money. It’s also designed to make them pay ridiculous sums for that perfect card.

A more heart-felt problem of daily fantasy football is lack of parity. You can’t play a dff tournament without huge blocks of players having identical teams and scoring identical points. More often than not, the first place million-dollar prize is less than twenty-thousand dollars because of identical teams.

Twenty-thousand dollars is a good day, but that was your day. They don’t come often, and although winning twenty-thousand changes your life, winning the one-million dollar prize outright changes your life in a big way. is designed to make fantasy football more equitable in who wins and individualize the tournament experience.

We require users to own cards (NFTs) that sync with professional football positions. This lessens the likelihood everyone plays the same team.

Some of our unique features:

  • We return 50% (fifty) of card-sale revenue back to the community.
  • Every tournament the first year is free to enter.
  • Each common card is playable 50 (fifty) times per week.
  • We created a new position: Defense + Kicker.
  • We allow users to enter two QBs
  • We allow users to enter two Defense+Kicker.
  • We allow users to enter two Kickers.
  • We allow users to enter two Defenses.
  • Users must enter one QB
  • Users must enter one of the following: Defense, Defense+Kicker, or Kicker
  • Users can enter a maximum of three: Defense, Defense+Kicker, or Kicker

Users will have 135 points to spend creating their teams.

  • High end cards cost 20 points.
  • Low end cards cost 3 points.
  • Users may design their team within those parameters, interjecting RBs, WRs, and TEs as they deem appropriate.
  • This system diversifies teams.

We have added a rarity system to our cards, which adds scoring variety. Each of the five-hundred twelve cards will be minted as follows:

  • 20,000 Common Cards (gray)
  • 1,000 Standouts (blue)
  • 100 Team Captains (purple)
  • 10 MVPs (orange)
  • 1 GOAT (gold)

Each rarity above common receives the following scoring bonus:

  • Standout earns a one-percent scoring bonus.
  • Team Captain earns a two-percent scoring bonus.
  • MVP earns a three-percent bonus, and costs one less point to play.
  • GOAT earns a five-percent bonus, and costs two less points to play.

This scoring system allows individuals to hold places rather than large chunks of tied players. These modest scoring bonuses help but won’t dominate the field. Strategy still rules this game.

A Carolina RB #1 GOAT doesn’t guarantee a win. If that position has a record game and earns 50 points. Our bonus adds 2.5. That two point five will help, but it takes more than the GOAT of Carolina RB #1 to place in the money.

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