This Is What It’s All About

Most things start with an idea. In this case, using NFTs to play fantasy football. There was a burst of excitement in imagining how valuable an NFT would be if it improved someone’s odds of winning thousands of dollars on a weekly basis.

That excitement continued in thinking about the many new opportunities that league play brings to competing with friends.

A league deck will feature cards of 16 different positions from all 32 teams. This means that the league deck will contain 512 cards (16 positions x 32 teams = 512). What is unique about the league deck is that there are no rare cards in it. The deck is exclusively common cards but again, it includes one common card from every position on every team. Leagues will start with the League deck, establish their rules and payouts from drop-down menus, and then draft until the deck is gone.

So far, this sounds similar to traditional play. The key difference is that each participant owns the cards they draft. A card’s value values could fluctuate throughout the season as injuries occur, or as a player’s performance exceeds (or under-performs) expectations.

In league play, users can trade and sell their cards to one another (if allowed in the rules that were established by the league commissioner at the beginning of the season). All transactions will be permanent. If there is a trade made, the new owner now has an asset, and the seller has cash (or new cards if trading).

There will be times in the draft when an owner will consider a card’s potential value in the future as being higher than a card’s expected performance for that year. More strategy = more fun.

The League deck and League play will add exciting elements and as NFTdraft.io grows, every user in every league will come out ahead due to card appreciation.

For those users who have played daily fantasy or who are familiar with fantasy games, they might see a league deck as a smart investment even if they don’t play in a league as it gives them the flexibility to play any card right from the start.

This is just a little taste of league play. Come see what we’re talking about and discussing in our Discord server. Click here to join our fast growing community!

*** All rules are subject to change.

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