January 2021, NFTdraft is Born

I love fantasy football. I talk more with my friends (even if it’s just texting), I throw meat on the grill, dip chips in delicious salsa, and yell (sometimes a lot!) at the TV. Life doesn’t get much better.

NFTdraft.io was born out a desire to create a better game. I remember having a conversation with a friend about the rookie draft which turned my thoughts towards the upcoming fantasy football season.

Following this conversation I realized I was feeling dread. I dreaded the idea of tying with hundreds of other players, of listening to the same programs as everyone else (those program providers are great, btw) and selecting a team I’m proud of, only to learn I selected the same team as thousands of others.

The idea for NFTdraft.io hit me with a bang. Two weeks later, and the entire system existed in theory. From gameplay to user opportunity, NFTdraft.io is superior to daily fantasy football in nearly every measurable aspect. In addition to adding a secondary ecosystem of card collecting and trading, it creates League play that allows the losers for that season to potentially turn a profit from selling their cards or even renting them out during the season.

In the spirit of web 3.0, we are returning fifty percent (50%) of all card-sale-revenue back to the community in the form of pack giveaways, additional liquidity to multi-player tournaments, and being able to enter EVERY tournament for free.

The Future of Fantasy Sports is now. Welcome.

Come and learn more about NFTdraft.io, strategy ideas, and deep dives into how to play by joining our Discord server. Join by going to: https://discord.gg/nftdraft

Development team
Front end design and deployment: Forgd Media
Back end application design and development: Kyros Digital

Brent Richardson, CEO, LinkedIn

NFTdraft.io is a division of BroGames LLC, incorporated in Michigan. U.S.A.
250 Monroe
suite 400
Grand Rapids, MI

*** All rules are subject to change.

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