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The Future of Fantasy Sports

NFTdraft is superior to daily fantasy football in nearly every aspect. Create the teams you want. Own your players and their backups. Play for free all season long and win cash. Collect, trade, sell or rent your players for even more cash.

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[ Welcome to Season 2 ]

Create your team

Create a fantasy football team using 10 cards. Use that team to enter any of our weekly tournaments. The better your strategy, the more you win.

Next Man Up

Our unique style of Next Man Up Daily Fantasy delivers exciting new gameplay. Find the sleepers buried on the depth before they break out!

NFT Sync

Every NFT is a postion and synced with real players by position through a real-time depth chart. Player names are shown in the application so you always know who you have.

Card Rarity

There are five levels of card rarity that add scoring bonuses and can cost less to play. Open packs for a chance at the rarest cards in the game!

Prize Pools

Main Events funded by 20% of pack sales revenue and 40% of secondary market sale. An extra 5% to fund a weekly tournament exclusive to our ETH NFT hodlers.

Build a Dynasty

All cards are playable across multiple seasons with only a minor scoring penalty for future years. The Rarest GOLD FOIL cards never age!

What we did in our semi-closed Season One beta:

Generated over $550,000 in NFT sales with fewer than 350 weekly users.
Awarded over $110,000 from Free-to-enter tournaments.
Made partners, improved code, and prepped for an epic season 2!
Set aside a guaranteed $10,000 for our Season 2 Week One prize pool.

Season 2 Packs

Season 2 sales coming soon.
Purchase packs with Credit Card or Crypto!

Full Team Pack

10 Common NFTs. Guaranteed at least 1 QB and 1 DEF or DEF + K. Perfect for a new player learning the ropes.

Roster Pack

15 NFTs. Chance for rarities up to Team Captain.

NFTdraft Pack

30 NFTs. Guaranteed Standout, chance for all rarities, including Gold Foil.

Captain Pack

150 NFTs. Chance for all rarities, 50% chance of Gold Foil.

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